Momo BedSense

Personalized Decubitus prevention

Momo BedSense Personalized Decubitus prevention

Time goes by fast when you are busy, you do not realize how long someone has been laying in the same position

Decubitus Prevention

Pressure ulcers cause patient suffering, increased workload for healthcare staff and high expenses.

An essential prevention method is regularly changing the posture of the patient, also known as repositioning. In daily practice it can be difficult to apply repositioning consistently. There is no information about the movements of the patient over time. In addition, deviations from the repositioning schedule occur due to the hectic pace of the day.

Momo BedSense

The Momo BedSense makes the need for repositioning transparent and tailored to the patient. The bed sensor detects the patient's movement and posture changes. It enables caregivers to take preventive action at the desired moment.



Convenient indication for repositioning


Easy to use & fits in workflow


Individual time setting for repositioning  


Notification via nurse call system

Clinical evidence

The first clinical study with the Momo BedSense was completed in November 2018. The results were presented at the Dutch Decubitus Conference on 29 November 2018.

We are currently collecting data in a follow-up study. If you are interested in more information about the clinical studies, please contact us.